Our story begins with a "family" of less than perfect heroes.

Oris, the brutal greatsword fighter, exiled by his clan for the color of his beard (or so he says), is the enforcer for the family, protecting his adopted siblings against all enemies.

Javros, is a half-elf bard with a biting tongue and a mysterious history with the family; he brings inspiration and a sense of morality to the otherwise questionable family.

Myria, is a master of exotic whip fighting techniques; she brought her tactical skills, wits, and finesse to the family after finding the noble life not quite to her taste (especially after the not so mysterious death of her noble husband).

Kade, the young eladrin rogue and heir apparent of the Rubrum family; cunning, sneaky, and dangerous, but still working on his confidence and leadership, Kade is the wannabe leader of the group.

A'sop, the littlest kobold, warlock, and mascot of the Rubrum family; his (or her, no one is really sure) pact with a mysterious power has given him great power with his gastrointestinal magic, and a quest to find/make the best foods Faerun has to offer

. The core of the Rubrum family consists of: King Rubrum, the godfather and head of the family, Raul Rubrum, King's brother and right hand man, and Daisy Rubrum, who provides magic support for her brothers. Although the player characters have been declared full members of the family, there is much about the Rubrums that is unknown, including their overarching goals. Nonetheless, the Rubrum family name carries some weight in the criminal underworld, especially as information merchants, with contacts throughout the Sword Coast.