King Rubrum gathered together his family of misfit children to discuss their future role. He made a declaration that the 5 characters would officially be full members of the family, answering only to him. Much to everyone's surprise, he announced that Kade specifically would be the heir apparent to the family and named him Prince. What that entails is not entirely clear, but Kade wears his title with pride.

King asks the group to go to the docks of Baldur's gate to receive a package and bring it to Greenest, a small town in the southeast. The rest of the family would be preparing an unknown surprise.

The delivery seemed to be arriving without complication, when a group of Dragon cultists tries to steal the crate! Fortunately, our group of anti-heroes were ready for action, quickly deploying to stop the cultists from getting near their objective. Myria displayed her skill in locking down an area with cracks of her special whip, several of cultists feeling the slash as they tried to maneuver. Kade made devastating use of his acrobatic skills, taking down the first cultist with a mighty dive from the second floor. Javros and A'sop provided back up, flinging magically charged insults and misdirecting the foolish cultists with an illusion. Oris did what he loves, hacking a cultist nearly in half with his powerful blade.

The last living cultist admitted that their goal was capturing the package to bring back the Dragon cult leaders. They were not sure what it contained but believed that it may be the key to bringing the Dragon God Tiamat back to Faerun for her to take over the world. He also admitted that the cult had an army that would soon attack the town of Greenest in their campaign to raid as much treasure as possible for the resurrection of Tiamat.

Kade heard enough of the cultist's ranting and ended it quickly with a dagger across the throat.

Knowing that their family was in danger and that they could possibly prevent the attack or aid their father, the party heroicly rushed to the rescue. Electing to play it relatively safe, the group traveled along the coast, avoiding the Wood of Sharpened Teeth (notorious for having an infestation of werewolves). They passed by Candlekeep, one of the greatest libraries in the realm (unfortunately, they are also known to be particularly elite in their selection of who may enter, so it may be for the best that they passed it by.) Aside from a random ambush by bandits along the way (that nearly killed Oris!), and A'sop deftly handling a group of his kobold people, the majority of the trip was uneventful. They arrived in Greenest well ahead of the raid and well fed on delicious meals cooked up by the littlest kobold.